This document explains our process for filing chargeback claims and resolving dispute cases.

What are Chargebacks?

Chargebacks are a consumer protection mechanism that allows individuals to dispute unauthorized or fraudulent transactions made using their credit or debit cards. When a cardholder initiates a chargeback, the transaction amount is reversed, and the funds are returned to the cardholder.

Chargebacks at Maplerad

Maplerad being a card issuer through our various partnerships, we help businesses collate and process customer chargeback requests through a form.

We mainly handle chargebacks like these:

Fraudulent Transactions: When a transaction is made using stolen card information.

Goods or Services Not Received: When a cardholder pays for goods or services that are not delivered as promised.

Defective or Substandard Goods/Services: When the received goods or services are substandard or defective.

Billing Errors: When there are errors in the transaction amount or other details on the cardholder's statement.

Double Charged Transactions: When a cardholder is charged multiple times for the same transaction.

To process a chargeback or file a dispute claim please fill the following form:

NOTE: Chargebacks cost a fee per request (whether it is processed successfully or not), to learn more about what amount you could be liable for, please contact [email protected]